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Helinox Tacital Speed Tool M Multicam

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    The Helinox Tactical Speed Stool is compact and portable, making it convenient for campgrounding, fishing, backpacking, and more. If you want a small but stable chair, try the Helinox Tactical Speed Stool.

    Like a tent pole, the pole is connected to the pole by a bungee cord, so the chair can be quickly assembled just by opening it. With a lightweight and compact design, it's a single-person stool that you'll want to take with - Chair size/W35.7×D24×H27cmSeat

    - Seat height: 27cm

    - Size: 37.7 x 8 x 8cm
    - Weight: 455g
    - Capacity: 520g

    - Maximum weight allowed: 100kg
    - Skin case material: Polyester (100% recycled) Frame
    - Material: Aluminium/plastic


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