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Mantle HK500 (5 Pieces)

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Giá sản phẩm: 420.000 đ
  • Mã sản phẩm:
  • px501-z-5
Số lượng
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The high-quality Petromax mantle is particularly durable thanks to its rounded shape. Thanks to its high stability it is a very reliable mantle for all Petromax high-pressure lamps. The mantle is asbestos-free and not radioactive. In this pratical set of 5 pieces, each mantle is individually and carefully packed.
Technical data
Material: artificial silk
L x W x H (in cm): 0,5 x 14 x 13
L x W x H w/ packaging (in cm): 0,5 x 14 x 13
Weight (in g): 15
Weight with packaging (in g): 15
Scope of delivery
5 x Mantle HK500
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    Lifex Travel & Camping Gear
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